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Anyone who knows me in person knows that I’m a big fan of The Smiths; the title of this very blog is taken from the name of a compilation of theirs. Earlier this year, my lovely other half arranged a surprise trip to Manchester for my birthday, knowing that I’ve wanted to go for years and traipse the hallowed paths that Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce once did.

There are guided tours for this sort of thing, but they didn’t seem to be running in February, or else you needed to have a group in order to book – so we took it upon ourselves to make our own way around the city to see some Smiths-related sites. Manchester isn’t that big and the public transport is great, so it was relatively easy to get around to a few places over the course of a morning. Maybe this post will come in handy for other people planning a similar trip, because there’s not that much sensible info out there.

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Originally published in The Irish Times, May 14th, 2010

POSEUR. IT’S a word that goes hand in hand with ‘chancer’, and is defined by the OED as “a person who behaves affectedly in order to impress”. It’s also a term that has been used by several to refer to Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, the duo also known as synth-pop aficionados Hurts. Continue reading