I wrote the questions for this quiz for last week’s Daily Ticket at the Electric Picnic, but it ended up not being used – so I thought I’d stick it up here. Everyone likes a good quiz, right? I certainly enjoy Donald Clarke’s Weekly Movie Quiz in The Ticket and I used to love the music quizzes hosted by Phantom FM in The Sugar Club (bring them back!), so I had the idea of hosting a regular quiz here on the blog.

I’ll try to make it a weekly feature (don’t hold me to that) and I’ll cobble together a prize – probably a few CDs – for the winner. By next Wednesday, I’ll put every person (if there’s more than one) who emails theworldwontlisten AT hotmail.co.uk with all ten correct answers into a hat and draw a winner. And remember, if you’re going to Google cheat, that’s between you and your god…

[Disclaimer: These questions are a week out of date and designed for people reading a newsletter on site, but all relate to EP. Future editions will be general music questions.] Go!

1. Which of these acts did not play the first Electric Picnic festival in 2004? A) Jurassic5 B) Groove Armada C) Four Tet?


2. Name the song and band from one of the weekend’s acts: “Flicking through a little book of sex tips / Remember when the boys were all electric?”


3. Talking Heads legend David Byrne plays EP with St. Vincent, but he released a collaborative album in 2010 with another of this year’s performers. Who was it?


4. Which Texan band provided backing vocals, musicianship and moral support on John Grant’s magnificent solo debut ‘Queen of Denmark’ in 2010?


5. Who links Little Green Cars with a character called Sean Thornton?


6. Johnny Marr plays the Electric Arena on Sunday, but it’s not his first EP outing. What band did he first play the festival with in 2007?


7. Who is the only Bond Girl to have played at Electric Picnic?


8. What EP artist’s autobiography was called ‘Things The Grandchildren Should Know’?


9. What is the literal English translation of Bjork’s name from Icelandic? A) sweet-voiced one B) soft breeze C) birch 


10. Name any three members of the Wu-Tang Clan. 

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