I’m a bad blogger, please forgive me.


The 1922s – ‘The Very Lotust’

Before I begin, I need to declare my interest: the singer of this band is a friend of mine. I always try to avoid mentioning albums made by anyone I know personally, because there’s always someone who’ll dismiss my opinion on the basis of partiality. But having thought about it for a few days,  I think it would be a genuine shame not to share it, considering how much I’ve enjoyed it. ‘The Very Lotust‘ is bloody brilliant. OK, so it’s probably 3 or 4 tracks too long, but its mix of classic pop, showtunes, indie and loungey balladry – mixed with some of the most intelligently obscure lyrics I’ve heard in a while – is manna for a piano-loving indie fan like me. The songs are beautifully and carefully constructed, the production is top-notch. They sound unlike any Irish band I can remember in recent times. It’s been my go-to album for the last while, but seems to have slipped under the radar somewhat. Recommended, anyway. I think you can get it in Tower Records at the moment.


I haven’t been watching that much TV lately, except the new series of The Walking Dead (which I’m hoping gets better, and quickly). I have been going to the cinema quite a bit, though. The last few films I’ve seen have been:

In Time: Great concept, but disappointing. Not even Mr. JT could save it.

Paranormal Activity 3: Considering what a long-lasting effect the first one had on me, it took some serious psyching-up for me to watch the second one on DVD, and then the third one in the cinema – but I really enjoyed it. Instead of making a pointless story with lots of extravagant jumps, the story has been cleverly stretched out and developed over three films into something worthwhile.

The Adventures of Tin-Tin: Had some really enjoyable moments, but I thought it’d be better overall.

We Need to Talk About Kevin: Excellent. Very chilling, some brilliant performances, but reckon John C. Reilly was horribly miscast.

Midnight in Paris: Charming and sweet and funny in parts, but certainly not one of Allen’s best.

Drive: Probably the best film I’ve seen this year.

Trespass: Probably the worst film I’ve seen this year/ever.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Looked absolutely gorgeous, but woooooooosh! That was the sound of the convoluted plot going over my head.


Just started reading this, and enjoying it so far. After just finishing the seriously dense ‘At the Mountains of Madness‘, my brain needs something light.


Gillian Welch at the Grand Canal Theatre, November 17th. Yee-ha! Is that the waft of ‘Potential Gig of the Year’ I smell?


Going to Berlin for the weekend, primarily to see Wilco but also for a break. I’ve been once before, but that was eight years ago and I was on a backpacker’s budget (not much better this time ’round, to be honest). Any recommendations of places to see/things to do/places to eat and drink? We’re staying in Mitte.


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