Sorry I’ve been crap at blogging lately. I’ll try to be better. Here’s a short one to keep things ticking over… recommendations always appreciated.


Yuck – ‘Yuck’

Very taken by Yuck’s album… like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, it’s totally derivative but the songs are GREAT. Bits of the Pixies, Pavement, Sonic Youth. Great name, too.

Tyler, the Creator – ‘Goblin’

This guy is undoubtedly one of the biggest little shits to have belly-flopped into the realm of the ‘mainstream’ in 2011, but he’s a talented little shit. Still wrapping my head around it after a couple of listens, but it’s a weird and amusing insight into the skateboarding/b*tches/Pharrell Williams-obssessed 20-year-old’s head. Unfortunately it’s also one of those albums/names that you look painfully trendy by dropping. Shit.

PS – Brilliant New York Times interview with him here.


Jonathan Safran Foer – ‘Eating Animals’

Only about halfway through, but it’s very good so far. This guy wrote one of my favourite books in recent memory, but this is a non-fiction account of how and why he decided to become vegetarian when his son was born. It’s not preachy in the slightest, but let’s just say that some of the cold hard facts about the ins and outs of the meat industry makes me extra-glad I’m a veggie.


Game of Thrones [HBO series]

My boyfriend in in the midst of the series of books that this new HBO show is based upon, and assures me that despite Game of Thrones’ premise (it’s set on the fictional continent of Westeros in medieval times, with a lot of gory head-choppings, mythical demons, fancy suits of armour, incest, bonking and inter-dynasty politics), it’s not something that a World of Warcraft obsessive would watch. With the added fact of Aidan Gillen starring, that’s good enough for me. Just three episodes in and it’s simmering quite nicely. Christ, even Sean Bean is good in it.


Primavera Sound 2011 – can’t bloody wait. Belle & Sebastian, PJ Harvey, Interpol, Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes, <obscurepostdubstepbandthatyou’veneverheardof>.


Going to see Spamalot tonight for the first time.


The new series of The Apprentice begins tomorrow on BBC. Goodbye, life.


Morrissey – ‘Very Best of’ on vinyl

I have the CD, but the vinyl is swoonsome. €29.99 in Tower Records! €29.99!! *weeps* Come to me, payday.


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