I recently finished this book, and (eventually) thought it was ace. I love Belle & Sebastian, but can see how their tweeness rankles with some people (although not so much these days, it must be said. I prefer B&S version 2.0 to their early stuff).

This is a collection of online diary entries written by Stuart Murdoch in the years before, during and after the release of their albums Dear Catastrophe Waitress and The Life Pursuit, and also documents the seeds of his God Help the Girl project. It took about a hundred pages to really get going, and is pretty disjointed by its very nature of journal entries, but I found it totally absorbing after that. There’s nothing hugely illuminating here if you’re not a fan, but Murdoch’s writing – especially when he’s writing about his home city of Glasgow – is brilliantly descriptive, although a little bogged down in clever-cleverness in parts.

I’ll be keeping it in my bag when I go to Primavera Sound next month, because I just KNOW I’m going to bump into him and get him to sign it. “I’ve read your book” = fan brownie points. He’ll then dedicate a song to me from the stage and give me a free t-shirt and possibly a medal. Good times!

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  1. Sounds alright, I’m not a fan of B&S but maybe they read better than they sound.

    I just finished a book called Faking It, about authenticity in music and what it really means. Its very good.


  2. Posted by Lauren on April 14, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    If you’re not a fan, you might find yourself skipping the bits that are too twee for their own good, Peter, but it’s definitely well-written.

    Thanks for the recommendation, will add it to the ever growing list!


  3. Posted by the Mechanic on April 16, 2011 at 8:49 am

    I prefer version 2.0 too. Some of my friends who have been fans as long as I have, react to this like I’m telling them I hate the band.

    Must check the book out, sounds good.


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