I never usually subscribe to the whole ‘Get this song to Number One for Christmas’ Facebook campaign nonsense that takes place every year, but this year I really, REALLY want Rubberbandits to hit the top spot.

It’s not because I particularly care about X Factor man or anything else, I just think that there hasn’t been an Irish comedy/satire duo as sharp as these guys in years. It’s funny for all the right reasons – not ‘pitiful funny’ like Crystal Swing, or ‘feel like it should be funnier’ funny like Dylan Moran.

And how could you not like them after reading this statement, never mind watching the video?

“We pure feel that popular music has abandoned the horse as a muse.

Just wander around the fields of any popular song by Jay Z or the x factor and you will see nothing but starving, wretched horses malnourished of melody. Horses live on a diet of Hay and treble clefs, it’s a fact. The horse is the purest vessel for creative expression, even more so than a paintbrush or a pen. Many great Songs have been written about horses.. Superstition by stevie wonder, Life on Mars by David Bowie and Informer by Snow. Nearly every song by Rod Stewart is written about horses, and legend has it that Phil Collins employed a man to blow thousands of Dollars worth of horses up his arse before he wrote a song. All we are trying to do is rekindle this gentle art form. Chuchig our Law.”

It’s only 99 cents on iTunes, and you need to buy it before December 23rd for it to count towards the chart. Go on, put your money where your mouth/Facebook ‘like’ status is!

PS – Check out some of their prank calls, too. The BankThe Pear and The One That Went Wrong.

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