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Just a quick note to wish anyone who’s been reading this blog (yes, all five of you) a very happy new year. 2010 has had its ups and downs, that’s for sure – but professionally, it’s been one of the best years ever for me. I got to interview some of my favourite musicians in the world, I met some brilliant new people, saw some great gigs, and I discovered some albums that’ll stay with me for years to come. Of course, I was also forced to listen/watch some absolute shit, too, but I still wouldn’t change my job for all the world.

What’s more, 2011 is shaping up ever so nicely.

Happy New Year!


In a way, it’s the perennial ‘muso’ question: what was your first album? Say it’s Boyzone, and you’re scoffed at. Inheriting your older brother’s Neil Young album, on the other hand, gains you instant cool points.

Well, mine was neither (although I have absolutely no shame in revealing that my first gig was Take That at the Point Depot in 1994), but for years, I actually could not remember what my first-ever album was. I remember vividly remember going into town to buy my first singles on tape and CD, though. Continue reading


I never usually subscribe to the whole ‘Get this song to Number One for Christmas’ Facebook campaign nonsense that takes place every year, but this year I really, REALLY want Rubberbandits to hit the top spot. Continue reading


I was walking down Fade Street the other day in the hope that I’d bump into one of the characters from the show and I was flabbergasted to find that the shop that used to be Road Records has now re-opened as The R.A.G.E. (Record, Art, Game Emporium). Inside, the layout is exactly the same as Road’s, except as well as vinyl, they now sell second-hand games for the Gameboy, Sega Mega Drive, SNES and lots of other retro stuff. Apparently it’s been open about a month, according to the nice man behind the counter. Continue reading


There’s no way to express this sentiment without sounding slightly cheesy, but really, the power of music never fails to astound me. About a month ago, I, like many other music hacks, was asked to start thinking about my top 10 albums of the year. It’s been an excellent year for music in general, but the problem with that – if you can call it a problem – is trying to decide which excellent album is a little bit more excellent than the others. I hummed-and-hawed for a few weeks about what to make my number one, but even after hours and hours of re-listening, I was struggling to make a decision. Continue reading


IT’S NOT every day that you ring a hotel in Zurich only to be paged through to the wrong Scott Hutchinson’s room – but after that minor mishap, our conversation could only improve. Luckily, the Frightened Rabbit singer was a lovely chap… Continue reading