I couldn’t fall asleep until a ridiculous hour last night, and for some reason ended up wandering around the deserted social network graveyard that is my MySpace account. I never use it anymore, but it was fun reading back through the messages (once I’d spent a good ten minutes cracking the password).

Back around 2006/2007, musicians used to actually – gasp! – reply to correspondence from us mere mortals. I suppose MySpace was one of the first social networking platforms to really narrow the divide between musicians and fans. These days, thanks to Twitter, you know that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee gives Ezra from Vampire Weekend the shits, or how painfully hip and kind of annoying Owen Pallett actually is. I miss the intrigue, I must admit.

Over a period of about a year, I exchanged emails with Fyfe Dangerfield, Annie from Giant Sand (there’s one for the ‘Whatever Happened To…?‘ series), Tom from Tap Tap/Pete & the Pirates, Eugene McGuinness, and even Anton Newcombe. No big deal to anyone but me, right? The piéce de resistance, however, was when Edwyn Collins told me to ‘Keep on chooglin”. I’ve no idea what ‘chooglin” is, but it fair made my day, I have to tell you.

You should watch this lovely little short animation if you have a spare 20 mins today. It reminded me a lot of the first 20 minutes of ‘Up’.

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