Hi folks. Sorry I’ve been a bit rubbish at posting lately. House-hunting, work, and life in general have been getting in the way. I’m working on finishing my ‘Albums of the Noughties’ series and that should be up over the next week or so. In the meantime, I’ve been to some gigs over the last few weeks that I’ve enjoyed.

Last Friday, Strands (aka Stephen Shannon) played his first (and possibly last) gig at Crawdaddy to launch his eponymous album. It was a short but supremely enjoyable set, with 8 musicians in total packed onto the tiny stage making a lovely melodious cacophony. I might as well jump on the bandwagon and say I love the album. Baaa, baaaaa!

Went to see Richie Egan’s new electronica project Visionair on Saturday at The Button Factory, which sounded fine from where I was standing. You can download their 4-track EP via Nialler’s blog.

On Sunday night, I went along to Whelan’s to see Lloyd Cole. The last time I saw him in the same venue (about 4 years ago?), he was absolutely brilliant, so I was looking forward to this a lot. I got to the venue at about 8.45pm on Sunday – not unreasonably late – and he was already on! Apparently he did a short acoustic set, had a brief interval, then came back out and played another set. The problem was that I couldn’t see a thing – not even standing upstairs – because for some reason, there were rows of chairs set out on the ground floor. I know certain Lloyd Cole fans are of a certain ‘vintage’ (he even joked about having to end the set early so that the crowd could go home to pay the babysitters), but come on… seats? Really? Anyway… he sounded great.

This week, I have mostly been reading Paul Murray‘s ‘Skippy Dies’. I’m about halfway through the hefty 600+ page tome, and I’m enjoying it. It’s made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion (Murray has the teenage boy dialogue and humour down to a T), but I’m not finding it particularly addictive, either.

Also this week, I’ve been continuing my ongoing ‘Movie Eduction’ project. There are so many ‘classic’ movies that I’ve never seen, so I’m trying to get through a few. I’ve been on a Bill Murray buzz and have watched ‘Rushmore’ (liked it a lot) and ‘Caddyshack’ (thought it was kind of crap) in the past week. I’ve also watched  ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ for the first time (meh).

I’ve mostly been listening to: Cap Pas Cap‘s new album ‘Haunted Light‘, ‘Strands’ by Strands, ‘Through Low Light and Trees’ by Smoke Fairies and John Grant‘s ‘Queen of Denmark‘. All quite suitable autumnal listening, now that I think of it.

And lately I’ve mostly been eating a variation on both Aoife I Can Has Cook? and Aoife Sweet Oblivion‘s stuffed peppers (using quinoa instead of cous cous, though). I didn’t have a bleedin’ notion what quinoa even was before I turned veggie 8 years ago. Turns out it’s fairly tasty and very good for you. And is there a better vegetable in the world than the humble bell pepper? I think not.

Any recommendations? I’m all ears…


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  1. Hey,

    the Strands gig was superb. Great record too. Looking forward to hearing The Cas Pas Cap album as I’ve heard very positive rumblings.

    Love Rushmore. My favourite Wes Anderson movie after The Royal Tenenbaums. Both Soundtracks are wonderful.

    Wasn’t at all a fan of Skippy Dies. I know it’s agains common concensus but just thought it tried way too hard to be funny with limited success. Just my opinion mind and I believe we’re still allowed to have them.

    Looking forward to hearing the top 5 albums. Liked 4 of 10 to 6.


    • Posted by Lauren on October 26, 2010 at 5:36 pm

      Hi G – lovely to meet you on Friday, and thanks for the comment! I see you’re a man of your word! ;) Yeah, I do quite like Wes Anderson meself, Rushmore was one of those films I’ve been meaning to watch for years. Need to complete the collection by watching Bottle Rocket next.

      As for Skippy, we’ll see how it turns out… my main gripe is that although it’s funny and engaging in parts, the chapters with yer man Ruprecht’s wafflings about his scientific theories are just dreary. I know it’s part of his character and the storyline, but I’ve found myself skimming those bits.


  2. Have you seen any of Noah Baumbach’s stuff? He’s Anderson’s cuz. The Squid and The Whale is brilliant, Margot at the wedding darker again but not quite as funny and Greenberg which I thought was pretty rubbish.

    Hated those bits in Skippy too. Put it down after first book as I couldn’t take anymore. You should check out Gary Shteingart’s ‘Super Sad True Live Story’. He’s become a real Guardian darling. Funniest book I’ve read in years. Excellent satire set in near future. Frighteningly real look at the way the world is heading.

    Great to meet you too.


  3. Gary Shteyngart. Must learn to spell.


  4. Posted by Lauren on October 26, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Yep, I’ve seen The Squid and the Whale and liked it a lot. Not the other two, though. Didn’t he and Anderson work together on The Life Aquatic as well?

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely check that book out – once I’ve got through the 24 currently lined up on my shelf *gulp*


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