Well done to the organisers and bands of HWCH this year, it was a great 3 days. Making it a Thursday-Friday-Saturday affair was possibly their best-ever move. In previous years, Sundays were always a bit of a damp squib because people didn’t bother to turn up – so it was good to end on the high of a Saturday night.

Musically, I saw most bands on my hitlist and missed out on some because of timing (in some cases the venue’s fault, in some cases mine). On Thursday, as previously mentioned, Enemies, Yeh Deadlies and Halves impressed me. On Friday, I thought Sacred Animals and Biggles Flys Again were great, and The Lost Brothers were as beautiful and pitch-perfect as ever. Saturday was my busiest night – out of the 7 or 8 bands I saw, I was taken by Le Galaxie, The Holy Roman Army (wow, did they make amends for last year’s disaster), Grand Pocket Orchestra and Bouts, who turned in a very good first-ever gig.

I always find that one of the best things about HWCH is almost the post-festival chatter about the bands that I didn’t see. For that reason, I’ll be investigating Kid Karate, returning to Planet Parade‘s EP, and having more than a fleeting listen to Lost Chord. Once my ears have recovered from last night’s Foggy Jam, that is. Don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig as loud in my life. And by the way, HEALTH are shite… sorry, but they are.


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  1. This post couldn’t be more right.


  2. Strikingly well executed writing..


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