The new issue of the mighty AU magazine is out now. I interviewed Cee Lo Green and Timber Timbre in this issue, and you can pick it up (for free) around Dublin – and in cities around the country, for that matter.

Hard Working Class Heroes kicked off last night, and was really good fun. Having The Workman’s Club and The Grand Social involved this year was a masterstroke – not having to trudge down into the dungeon that is Academy  2 makes a hell of a difference. But what is the story with bands taking so long to set up? You have half an hour to make an impression on people. Don’t waste half of it mumbling ‘one, two’ into a mic. If you have a lot of equipment/instruments, how about scaling it down for this gig? Because guess what, guys – I’ve got other bands to see, too.

That said, Enemies and Halves were good, Hal were a bit disappointing, and Yeh Deadlies could be great. Unfortunately I missed Jefl & Hyde – did anyone happen to see them?

Speaking of HWCH, digital station 2XM is going out live from Filmbase tonight and tomorrow (and last night, too) and features sessions from some lovely bands. If you’re not heading along, listen to Barry and Jan on Wired for Sound at 8pm tonight, and Aoife Mc on Right-Click Radio at 8pm tomorrow.

Under Ether returned for its second series on RTE2 on Wednesday, and featured an interview with the now trendy PVT (when I interviewed them in 2008 they didn’t have lopsided haircuts. They did mumble awkwardly, though, so some things don’t change). Next week’s episode (Wednesday, 11.20pm) will have a live performance by Republic of Loose and many wondrous videos and moodily-lit links.

Well… bye, then.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Martin Foyle on October 8, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    That setting up nonsense baffles me, isn’t that what soundchecks are for? It’s also unprofessional, bands shouldn’t turn up at venues with equipment they haven’t mastered. Not going to make any of the HWCH gigs, had bought tickets already for other gigs, look forward to seeing your, and others, comments about these bands. Enjoy.


  2. Posted by Lauren on October 8, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Thanks Martin – in fairness, I’m not sure if bands actually get a soundcheck at HWCH because there’s so many of them (I could be wrong here?) but even so, taking almost half an hour to set up – thus pushing everything behind, like Hal did last night – is a bit silly. It’s annoying when you’re trying to fit a certain number of bands in and have to forfeit them because of that. I’d intended to see House of Dolls last night but missed them because of that reason.


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