Whatever happened to Liam Lynch? You know, the ‘United States of Whatever’ guy, released that one single and accompanying album in 2003 and then apparently disappeared from the face of Planet Music…

Actually, who cares what happened to him. I still get a kick out of this tune’s 88 seconds, no matter how utterly ridiculous it is. I defy you to resist cracking a smile at least once during this video.

P.S. – I actually know what happened to him, but I really wanted to post this song, anyway. He’s released several albums that have flopped since ‘Fake Songs‘, but has since  had a fairly triumphant career as a music video director and co-songwriter for acts like Tenacious D (unsurprising). He’s also got a pretty successful podcast called LynchLand.


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  1. I remember that song back from his Sifl & Olly days. Great stuff.


  2. Posted by Lauren on September 1, 2010 at 12:55 am

    Yeah, I’ve heard about that show all right, Sara, but we didn’t get it over here, for some reason! I really can’t imagine tolerating an album’s worth of his stuff. Those 2 minutes are just fine ;-)


  3. Posted by J.R. on July 27, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    he has quite a few other albums besides Fake Songs. In order: Eel, We’re All Nighters, How To Be A Satellite, Get Up On The Raft, and (this year) The Middle. he also has a couple more pre-Fake Songs “funny” cds. I’ve only ever really cared for his more serious stuff (the albums i listed above). I’d highly suggest to it about anyone. don’t care for his silly stuff most of the time.


  4. His Lynchland podcasts are hilarious


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