Buried treasure (def.): Something, having been concealed for a long time, which later is found and is profitable

IF EVER there was a buried treasure, it’s Eugene McGuinness. I’ve been foisting this young lad on anyone who’ll listen since I discovered his debut mini-album ‘The Early Learnings of…’ a few years ago and fell completely in love with it.

He released the mini-album on Domino imprint Double Six, and the full-length followed on Domino proper in 2008. To be completely honest, ‘The Early Learnings of…‘ is probably a better record (although the full-length is also fantastic, it sadly didn’t do much commercially). It’s a showcase of lyrical wit, great melodies and subtle harmonies, band-supplemented acoustic indiepop that’s silly but serious at the same time.

There are songs about computer games (High Score), constellations (Vela), young love (Madeleine) and a child lost in Tesco (errr, A Child Lost in Tesco). It’s an record with a sort of shy swagger and it still completely charms the socks off me every time I hear it.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes, there is an Irish connection with a name like that. As far as I know, his mum or dad is from the North, although he himself was born in London (went to college in Liverpool and is often associated with that scene). He released another mini-album with his backing band The Lizards last year which again, failed to really make waves. I wonder what he’s up to now, as his MySpace seems worringly bare. I really hope he hasn’t become disillusioned and thrown in the towel, because he has the makings of a really great musician. He’s still only 23 or 24, I think.

Check out this cute video for ‘Monsters Under the Bed’:


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